What’s your Opera story?

I was at a business workshop recently where, as is the way with these things, we all did our little introduction at the beginning of the day, to let everyone know what we did.

However, at the end of the day, someone suggested that we all go round the table again – and this time say one thing about ourselves that we don’t normally say, in case it is perceived as bragging or big headed!.

Marion Thomas, who had introduced herself as a “Project Manager” that morning, revealed that she was actually the person responsible for co-ordinating everything (and I mean everything – factories, printing equipment, everything) for the re-designed British Passport in 2010, that is now owned by 30million people and was awarded ‘The World’s Most Secure Passport’.

Susan Heaton-Wright, a “Voice Coach” shared that she had sung opera – solo – at The Royal Opera House and the Royal Albert Hall and been reviewed in the New York Times.

And Nadia Brydon, the “Green Smoothie” lady, talked about how she was so passionate about healing people through her green smoothie recipes that she had obtained a Masters in International Public Health Nutrition and had been working with cancer patients for 25 years.

You might not have a British Passport story, or have sung at the Royal Opera House, but sharing your story creates connection and engages people. It ignites curiosity. It makes you memorable. It helps you to stand out from the crowd and leaves people wanting to know more.

Never underestimate how powerful your unique, personal story is.