The pâté story

There are lots of elements that make a great story, but stories based on someone’s why can be very powerful.

I recently worked with Adele, whose story was very much about her why. When her stepmother passed away several year ago, the sad loss was all the more heartbreaking because she truly believed that her stepmum’s poor diet had contributed to her ill health.

As a result, Adele became fiercely passionate about providing her family with a highly-nutritional diet and, when her daughter became a top-ten nationally ranked tennis player, and commanded a high protein diet, she set about creating a health, low-fat pâté for her.

Her delicious homemade pâté was a huge hit with friends and family and her brand Guilt Free Gourmet was born.

It’s a compelling why that will resonate with every parent wanting to provide their children with nourishing food and a great start in life.

Human beings are wired for story and particularly love connecting with other’s values, purpose and passion.Are you telling people why you do what you do?