Catherine Gough

The content on our website was terrible. I didn’t know how to fix it and it was frustrating. Working with Susan was the answer! The process was really simple and straightforward and now we have great website content, that represents us and how we help our clients. Frustrations resolved!

Bal Sura

Our website was bad and did not make the best impression on our existing clients, who refer us, or prospective new business. We knew we had to change it. The process of working with Susan & her team was simple and easy. We now have a great website that we are very happy to show … Read more

Faye Clowes

Our home page wording was clunky and confusing. I knew I didn’t have the skills to ‘StoryBrand’ it myself, and that I needed to call in an expert. Working with Susan was an absolute dream. Her process was so clear and I felt confident I was in good hands. We now have a very simple, … Read more

Hutton Henry

I wanted to ensure our offering and message was clear, both to our customers and internally in our team. I read Storybrand and tried to implement it, but still didn’t feel it was clear enough. I really appreciated how well Susan grasped our complex market offering and reframed it from our prospect’s perspective. We now … Read more

Marion Ellis

“I couldn’t articulate my new niche & brand the way I wanted to. It was affecting my confidence, and belief that it was even a thing. Working with Susan was a no-brainer. She got straight to the heart of what I wanted to convey – that’s her superpower! She then brought that message to life … Read more

Steve van de Worp

We have a great service but found it difficult to distil our key messages. Susan was enthusiastic and her process was logical and enjoyable. As a result, our messaging is now clear, the homepage reads well and it’s obvious to prospects what we do and how they benefit. I would 10/10 recommend Susan’s Done For … Read more

Heather Williams

I wanted my website to show what an amazing business I have! I wanted it to stand out from the competition. Working with Susan was easy. She listened to what makes us different and did the hard work of writing a brilliant narrative. We now have a website and “go to” sentence about what we … Read more

Darren Higgins

I was feeling very stressed and fearful about writing content for our new website. Finding an expert to support me was a huge relief. I now have a website I’m very proud of and that is helping us to grow our business. I only wish I’d found Susan years ago!

Paul Radin

I wanted to connect with our customers more and Susan, as a Story Brand guide, knew exactly what we wanted to achieve and how we wanted to achieve it. We now have a website that conveys the Storybrand philosophy, a high-value giveaway guide and a series of emails that builds trust with new customers.