Storytelling for Business

Please find your five masterclasses and workbooks below. These are designed to build on each other so, to get the best results, I suggest doing them in the correct order and completing all of the exercises.

And remember to enjoy the process. This is about you, your story and the message you want to get out in the world. This is about your why, your purpose and the difference you want to make. And of course this is about your audience, the people you want to work with and how you can help change their story, for the better.


Module One

Exploring Your Personal Story: How To Start Finding The Stories In Your Story

Module Two

Crafting and Telling Your Personal Stories: The Seven Most Important Parts Of Your Story

Module Three

Your Brand Story: How To Tell The Story Of What You Stand For And Why You Do What You Do

Module Four

The Hero And The Guide: How To Position Yourself In Your Customer’s Story So that They Want To Work With You