Inspiration is contagious

Team GB’s head of marketing, Leah Davis, recently wrote in Campaign about how storytelling sits at the heart of their marketing strategy. As a brand that “galvanises the nation in support every two years” their ongoing challenge is how to remain relevant in between the big competition moments.

Having a brand narrative and story to tell throughout the year ensures they have an ongoing, engaged audience.

So what’s their story? The Team GB brand is about championing “everyday people achieving extraordinary things”. Every story needs Heroes and, for Team GB, the athletes are the backbone of the brand.

As Leah points out, “Inspiration is contagious and a ten minute conversation with an Olympian makes you feel that you can conquer the world”.

Profiling up-and-coming athletes and giving fans bite-sized chunks of sports content has allowed them to create a consistent narrative that builds engagement and excitement before the Games even start.

What are the stories you can share to keep your customers engaged with your brand all year round?