How to be your ideal client’s best friend, even if you never speak to them …

I’m having a dinner party and all my besties are coming – Jen Sincero, Rachel Hollis, Amy Porterfield, Tarzan Kay, Mel Robbins …

It’s gonna be a blast. I can’t wait!

OK. That isn’t actually happening but if I was having a dinner party, and they were coming, it would be a hoot!

We’d laugh. A lot. We’d be sharing stories and comparing notes about all the ridiculous things we say to ourselves. There’d be lots of “I know, right!” and “me too!” and “that’s so true!”.  There’d be high fives. And hugs. And lots of laughing.

How can I be so sure?

Because I know them. I follow them. I read their stuff. And, here’s the thing – they’re just like me. They get me. In fact, they’re rooting for me.

Take Jen Sincero for instance.

She’s always there for me. Totally in my corner. Spurring me on. Not letting my trashy head-talk hold me back.

She calls me out. She recognises an excuse (or outright lie) when she hears one!

She even wrote You’re a Badass at Making Money to help me change that negative money story I was running in my head.

In fact, she changed my mindset around money so much, my money plant actually started growing again!

Jen Sincero

Same with Rachel Hollis. She gets me too.

She knew I was feeling guilty about all sorts of stuff. She knew only too well that critical conversation going on in my head, the one that made me feel like I wasn’t enough, so she wrote Girl, Stop Apologising and put everything into perspective. She made it perfectly OK for me to say “no” any time I want. In fact, she made me realise that not saying “no” enough was holding me back and stopping me from living the life I want.

I now turn down things that don’t serve my highest priorities, absolutely guilt-free. Rachel would be so proud.

So, here’s my point.

I’ll probably never be in the same room as Jen. Let’s face it, she didn’t even accept my connection request on Linked In.

And I’m unlikely to be having a face to face chat with Rachel, Amy, Tarzan or Mel any time soon. But that doesn’t stop me feeling like, if we did, we’d be instant best friends.

They‘re badass women with big hearts and big messages. They’re out there making a difference. Changing lives. And they get to do that because they know how to tune into their audience’s story.

Whether you’re writing a book, launching an online program or sending regular emails to your list, a deep, meaningful connection starts with entering the conversation your ideal client is already having in their head. Telling stories that show how much you get them, how you’ve been where they are now and how you’re just like them. And, letting them know you’re here for them, totally in their corner, ready with the poms poms and star jumps to cheer them on, like an over enthusiastic cheerleader at the Superbowl!

When your audience knows that you truly understand them, and that you’re there for them, they’ll become die hard fans. They’ll follow you faithfully, buy your stuff and rave to their friends about you (I have lost count of the number of people I have told to read Jen & Rachel’s books!).

Just because your business is online, or your course is fully automated, doesn’t mean you can’t create a strong bond with your audience.

You can. Tune into the stuff that’s worrying them. Connect with how they’re feeling. Tell real stories that relate to where they are, right now. And stories that take them to where they want to be.

Do it well and you might just become their new best friend.

Oh, and Jen, Rachel, Amy, Tarzan & Mel – if you happen to be on the south coast of England any time soon, feel free to come round for dinner. It’ll be a blast.

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