Get your emails opened, your audience engaged and your offers snapped up!

Discover the secret to using stories in your emails, to get more opens,
more engagement and more sales from your list … with
The Storyteller’s Email Writing System™

Harness the power of storytelling in your emails … so you get replies like this: 

Writing emails shouldn't feel like pulling teeth!

Writing emails to your list can feel a bit like going to the dentist – you know you’ve got to do it, but you dread it! And it’s frustrating, because you’ve got a lovely warm audience – who chose to be on your list, right? – and you want to connect with them, build trust, get them engaged and get them buying from you …

But, what happens?

You write an email, send it out and ……… crickets! Or you don’t send any out at all – because you’re not sure how to do it ‘right’. Which is even worse, because now your warm audience is turning distinctly lukewarm, at best. Aaaaggghhh. It’s painful!

But, it doesn’t have to be that way …

You’ve worked hard to get people onto your list. Now captivate them with compelling stories, in emails that get them excited about your offers! 

Learn how to write engaging emails so your

list will thank you … and buy from you!

One of the things that has always been a priority for me –
because it gives me such a good ROI for my time and energy is

Building a relationship with the people on my email list.

I’ve been sending out emails since 2016 and, over the years,
almost everything I’ve launched, offered, sold, asked for, wanted
feedback on and put out there – I’ve done by sending emails to
the awesome people on my list.

Thinking about what they need, keeping them engaged, and
showing up every week with stories that resonate and make
them feel seen and understood is how I keep the relationship
alive, interesting and … profitable! (this is business after all )

And now I’m going to show you how to do the same with your
email list.

I’m going to show you how to write emails that your ideal clients
will love so much they’ll be engaged, responsive and always the
first to snap up the offers you put in front of them.

Emails are the most POWERFUL way to connect
with your future buyers!

As people’s inboxes are being besieged with (often bland) AI-generated content, you have a real chance to STAND OUT – by writing emails so good, your audience will feel more connected to you than ever before.


Look forward to receiving them

Love reading them

Totally relate to them

Feel more connected to you

And be super excited to take the next steps and work with you!


Exciting right?

Well, there’s more good news…

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The Story We Need To Change …

I don’t know how much a new customer is worth to you, but I’m guessing just ONE new sale from your list would more than cover the cost of this course.

But, money aside, think about this …

How many people are you NOT helping because your emails are not connecting with them? It breaks my heart to see so many awesome business owners, who truly make a difference in their client’s lives, NOT have a thriving business – because they don’t know how to communicate their value.

Let’s change that story!

Susan Payton is author of the international best-selling (twice no.1) book – The Business of Stories – and voted one of Amazon’s ‘Movers & Shakers’.

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