These new courses from StoryBrand are a game-changer!

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I am a HUGE fan of Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller. So much so that I flew out to Nashville at the beginning of this year and trained to be a certified StoryBrand Guide.

“Oooooooh, what does that mean, Susan?” I hear you ask.

Well, it means I’ve been to Nashville (what a crazy place!) and that I’m licenced to help business owners implement the powerful StoryBrand framework into their business and marketing.

But, enough about me ….

If you haven’t come across Building a StoryBrand yet, I highly recommend you check it out. I get messages daily from people who’ve read the book and are blown away by how simple, yet powerful it is.

Up until now, there have only been two ways to learn the framework – either by reading the book or doing StoryBrand’s $1,500 online course.

Until now, that is. Drum roll please …

The amazing news from StoryBrand is that, after working with thousands of businesses, they have lots MORE great stuff to share with business owners.

So, they created THREE MORE COURSES to get their fantastic content out to more people.

Then … they put their original $1,500 course, plus the 3 new courses, into something called The Business Made Simple University (BMSU) and launched it last week for the crazy low price of just $275 (about £210) per year!

And, I have to say, it is AWESOME!

I rarely promote other people’s stuff (and, just to be clear, I don’t get anything for promoting this ?), but I truly believe BMSU could be a complete game changer for your business, no matter what stage you are at.

The 4 courses in BMSU cover:

1. The StoryBrand Messaging Framework – This is the original StoryBrand training, that was previously $1,500 on its own

2. Mission Made Simple – If you don’t have an inspiring mission statement, that gets your team excited for work in the morning, or you’re not sure how to get across your values and what you stand for, this course is for you

3. Marketing Made Simple – If you don’t have a highly effective way of capturing leads and turning them into customers, this simple 5-part sales funnel will help you generate more revenue for your business

4. Enneagram Made Simple – If you’re not sure how to develop yourself or your team and lead your company to success, this course led by Enneagram expert & author of ‘The Road Back To You’ Ian Morgan, is worth way more than the cost of BMSU on its own

The courses are broken down into bite size chunks. Mission Made Simple is only 3 hours in length and Marketing Made Simple is 4 hours. So, all very do-able, no matter how busy you are.

And all of this is now available for just $275 per year.


** I have a gift of my own for you **

As soon as you purchase the BMSU program, forward your confirmation email to me at and I will send you a link to my private Facebook Group where you can join me and others going through the courses, to ask questions, brainstorm ideas, get feedback, share wins and, basically, get support.

I will also be doing some trainings of my own in the group and offering masterminds for those who want more support as they go through the program. So, no need to do it all on your own.

Believe me, I can’t think of a better way of investing in your business, than spending $275 on Business Made Simple University.

Just one of these courses alone will give you the clarity, tools and structure you need to change the way you think about, talk about and build your business forever.

So, here’s what to do next.

1. Read more about the Business Made Simple University at

2. Sign up!

3. Email me with your confirmation and come join my private Facebook Group for lots of support, encouragement and high fives

Any questions, ping me an email but otherwise I look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you.