Is it the right time for you to work on your story?

Time is precious

For many business owners, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to get everything done and that can feel completely overwhelming.

Which is why, when I talk to people about working on their story, they often say things like “I’ll just get my business plan done / website finished / branding sorted / business launched … and then I’ll work on my story”.

Stories are the foundations

But, that is completely the wrong way around. Story needs to underpin everything your business says, does and stands for. Stories are the solid foundations that everything else needs to sit on top of.

Because it’s not until you are really clear on your story and your customer’s story, that:

  • You can communicate the ‘essence’ of who you are and why you do what you do
  • Your website will create connection
  • Your branding will resonate with your target market, and
  • Your marketing will speak directly to the people you are here to make a difference to

Story creates the context

Your story shapes and informs everything you do and needs to be reflected in everything you put out.

If you want your messaging to be so clear and compelling that it has your ideal clients saying “Yes” to working with you, from the start, it is critical that you get your story right first.

So – is it the right time for you to work on your story? Yes it is!

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