How a slice of toast stole the show!

How often do you consider the story that your customers are telling about you? What are they telling others and how could you improve their experience so that their story is a positive one?

We popped into a busy restaurant last Sunday for some lunch. It’s my favourite kind of restaurant – where you can order anything from a coffee & cake, to a full breakfast (any time of day) or go for the whole 3-course meal experience.

They were particularly busy but the waiter proceeded to seat us straight away, bring us our drinks and take our order as soon as we were ready. He did explain, however, that there would be a 30-minute wait for our food (oh no!) … but then guided us over to the complimentary “toast station” and explained that we could help ourselves, while we were waiting for our lunch.

My 6-year-old has never been so excited about toast and thoroughly enjoyed ‘cooking’ for us and waiting on our table with the toast, butter and serviettes. Of course the 30 minutes flew by and she was kept thoroughly entertained the whole time (as were we). And all it cost them was a couple of loafs of bread!

How can you make sure the story others are telling about you is one you are proud of?