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Join Storytelling Mastery and discover how to consistently craft stories that resonate with your ideal clients …

So they show up – already knowing they want to work with YOU!

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The Business of Stories 5 day challenge gives you a simple process to craft compelling story posts …

Storytelling Mastery takes your storytelling skills to the NEXT LEVEL.

Actually, that’s not true – it takes you about another 10 LEVELS UP!!!… so you can consistently weave storytelling into everything you do in your business, to attract and connect with more of the people you LOVE working with!

“No matter how experienced you are at speaking, or storytelling, Susan will take you to the NEXT LEVEL”

Diana Theodores, Author of Performing as YOU

Storytelling Mastery

Now comes with an incredible 12 MONTH'S SUPPORT!

The game-changing, transformational programme that will take your clarity, confidence and
storytelling skills to the NEXT LEVEL!

Get the CLARITY you've been looking for around who your ideal client is, and how to talk to them in a way that truly connects

TRANSFORM your message and tell stories that deeply resonate and speak to the people you love working with

Demonstrate your VALUE, so people understand what you can do for them and why they would choose to work with you

DIFFERENTIATE yourself from your competitors, so you stand out from the crowd in a way that no-one else can copy

Attract clients who are a GREAT FIT, so you can do more of the work you love, with the people you love working with!

Join Storytelling Mastery before midnight on Sunday 23rd June and save £300!

The struggle is real!

I know what it's like to struggle to get across just how awesome your product or service is ...

How frustrating it is when you know you could solve the problem your ideal clients have – but they’re just
not signing up, dammit. When you have so much value to give, and all you want to do is help people with
your ‘thing’ that you do brilliantly, but …

Your emails go unanswered (or even unopened) ...

Your posts on social media don't lead to enquiries or sales ...

Your content, that you've put a lot of thought and time into creating, goes out into the ether without much, if anything, coming back ...

[And now you’ve got to go create some more]

It's heartbreaking!

Soul destroying.

Enough to have you crying into your triple espresso, mocha chocca with extra syrup and sprinkles …

Enough to make you feel like giving up!

It’s sooooooo frustrating …

Especially when you know that, talking to people face to face – human to human – you can explain what you do in a way that connects.

You can ask questions. You can build rapport. You can be ‘you’.

But, when you have to write marketing ‘stuff’, or create a video explaining what you do, or even craft an email to your list …

You freeze.

What do you say?

How do you say it?

How do you 'do marketing' in a way that sounds and feels like "you" (as opposed to Rob the Marketing Robot)?

How do you 'sell' in a way that feels easy and natural?

And how do you talk about your products and programs with personality, so that those who do buy them are a good fit for you?

Well, those are some great questions right there.

But I want you to know one thing...

Messages that land. Stories that connect.

I’ve spent the last 6 years helping businesses craft:

Clear, simple messages that powerfully land and connect with their ideal clients ...

Compelling stories that resonate with the people they love working with ...

High-value content that builds authority and positions them as the go-to expert in their space ...

Compelling copy that launches products, builds brands and creates raving fans

And ...

I've built my own business up from doing £99 strategy calls (they were exhausting btw!) to having:

A recognisable and aligned brand that people love

A best-selling book that reached no.1 in the UK & USA (and, several months on, still dips in and out of the Top 10 on a weekly basis)

A unique framework and process that many describe as "game-changing" and

A loyal following of awesome humans, who buy my courses and online programs ...

All because I learnt how to communicate what I do in a way that connects with people who are a great fit for me.

Want me to show you how?

A few words from some of the people
already in Storytelling Mastery

“I have a business now!"

Sally German

70-Second clip

“I doubled my business!”

Adrian Close

51-Second clip

“I've got so many clients!"

Val Evans

58-Second clip

“I know who I am now!”

Clara Gangadeen

76-Second clip

How would you like a simple, step by step
process to follow, so you can:

Get known for what you do, because of how clear and focused your messaging is?

Have a narrative that is consistent throughout everything you do, so people feel like they know you?

Be super clear about what you stand for, why your business exists, where it's going and who it's for?

Know exactly what stories to tell, what content to create and what copy is going to compel people to take action?

Three steps to crafting stories that connect with your dream clients

1. Craft a clear message and COMPELLING stories

2. Attract more of the clients you LOVE working with

3. Sell your expertise and make the IMPACT you want to make

“My content is resonating. I feel real. This program is one of the best I've ever done. It's the missing piece for business owners.”

Cara Cunniff

ThriveWell Global

“This program helped me build authority and an inner confidence I didn't have before. I'm connecting with people so much better now. "

Bernie J Mitchell

London Co-working Assembly

“I now have the confidence to tell personal stories that people resonate with. I've given people a reason to choose me. And they are!”

Katherine Philips

Katherine P Coaching

Storytelling Mastery

Everything you need to become a master storyteller in your business, including how to:

your value

I see so many coaches, consultants and freelancers – who have a TON of value to offer, and who are brilliant at what they do – struggle to create a business that gives them the income, freedom and life they want.


Because they don’t truly understand the value of what they do …

Or how to communicate it in a way that attracts their ideal client.

In Storytelling Mastery, you’ll learn how to talk about what you do in a way that demonstrates your value and helps you stand out from the crowd!

So many business owners are not charging enough (which doesn’t do anyone any favours) or they’re stuck charging for their time (also doesn’t serve anyone!).

If you want a business you love, it’s critical that you:

Do work that lights you up and brings you joy, with clients that are a great fit for you …

For a fee that gives you the business, income and profit you want.

In Storytelling Mastery, you’ll truly understand the connection between value and pricing and how, when you get both right, your dream clients will show up!

Build the business
you want

Storytelling, done well, will attract the right people – but then they’ve got to actually take action and buy something for your business to grow.

So many fall at the last hurdle, and fail to convert their super warm audience into buyers.

That’s exhausting, frustrating and means you don’t get to make the impact you want to make.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In Storytelling Mastery, you’ll realise that selling doesn’t ever have to feel icky or uncomfortable. In fact, quite the opposite. You’ll learn to love it!

The single biggest bit of feedback I hear over and over again, from those who have been through my process, is about the CLARITY and CONFIDENCE they get!

"A game-changer"

“The clarity and confidence I now have to explain what I do and how I do it has been a complete game-changer.”

Marion Ellis

Love Surveying


“Literally clarified the point of my business, after 10 years! ”

Natasha Hodge

Wide Eyed Nutrition

"So many aha moments!"

“I have finally found the common thread in all my stories and I know how to share them.”

Ally Berry

Ally Berry Photography

So, here's what you get ...

Lifetime access to The Business of Stories - The Course

Talking about you and your business doesn't have to be hard

I’ll give you everything you need to share stories that create connection,
build trust and get you known for what you do.

10 Modules

10 Modules, each with a short video (most are under 10 minutes) that bring the topics to life.


Downloadable worksheets, cheat sheets and other resources I use when working with clients.

Story Ideas

Ideas for stories you can be sharing in every module, with examples of posts for inspiration.

Tips & Strategy

Tips on how to capture and record your stories, decide your strategy and plan your content.


Diagrams, PDFs and materials that make the course super practical, interactive and easy to follow.


Check in points to acknowledge your progress, celebrate your wins and keep you firmly on track for success.

Designed to be done at your own pace, but one module a week for 10 weeks works well!

And that's not all.

Storytelling Mastery now comes with an incredible 12 months support, that includes:

Private Facebook group. It’s in our awesome Facebook group that you can ask questions, get the help, support & advice that you need, get inspiration from the regular prompts & ideas that are posted and connect with your fellow storytellers.

Weekly AMA calls. Although I answer questions in the Facebook group, I also do weekly lives to chat through your questions, offer further insights and clarity and help you move forwards with momentum, on your own, unique storytelling journey.

Co-working sessions. Whether you want to work through the course, create your own content or do anything story related, we have weekly 90 minute co-working sessions to help you get stuff done! These sessions are so popular and are, for many, what keeps them firmly on track!

Guest experts. You’ll love the guest experts in our group, as they bring new storytelling skills and insights to life with topics such as Storytelling on Pinterest, TikTok and Canva! Using storytelling in your talks and Using images to tell your story with more impact.

Get Unsuck Sessions. I know what holds people back, so I regularly run live sessions to give feedback, brainstorm story ideas and strategies, and help you explore questions like ‘How are all my stories connected?’ and ‘How do I link my story to what I do?’.

Everything you need. Once you’ve done the foundational work and found the golden thread that connects your stories with your clients, you'll LOVE all the additional trainings & resources available to help you consistently show up in your business the way you want to.

Don't waste another minute creating content that isn't working for you!

And that's not all.

As a member of Storytelling Mastery, you also get access to bonus mini courses and resources that will help you:

Craft a compelling About page in an afternoon - that gets across who you are and attracts clients who are a perfect fit for you!

Craft captivating testimonials and get them working for you 24/7 - so they continually bring new clients into your business

Never run out of content ideas, with prompts, story starters and an easy content creation process

Create a content framework - that keeps all your stories and content 100% aligned around your core message


And that's not all.


£300 OFF THE FULL PRICE: Join before midnight on Sunday 23rd June and get £300 off. The price goes up on Monday

FAST ACTION BONUS: Join before the end of Friday's live (21st June) and get a 30-minute 1:1 coaching call with me, and my expert eye over your stories, content and messaging. This can be taken at any time in the first 6 months of you joining Storytelling Mastery and would normally cost £500 - but fast action takers get it for FREE.

PAY IN FULL: Pay for Storytelling Mastery in full and you’ll get access to my masterclass on How to Recoup Your Investment in 30 Days (packed full of ideas of things you could offer!) … AND a VIP invite to an exclusive live workshop I’ll be running on How to Show Up Without Showing Off (we’ll look at how you can create content that deeply connects with your dream clients, without worrying that people will judge you).

OK OK, you had me at "Storytelling"!

This sounds exactly what I need. Let’s cut to the chase … What kind of financial investment are we talking here?

The full price of having me on hand for a full 12 months ...

…to guide you through my process, step by step, keeping you accountable, giving you feedback and helping you implement my framework into your business is …

But wait... there's £300 off THIS WEEK. Join before midnight on Sunday 23rd June and pay just ...


*12 month payment plan available

Think of this as your marketing budget (I’ve spent a lot more money than this btw, learning the hard way what doesn’t work!). For most of my clients, ONE sale of their high-ticket programme would more than cover the cost of Storytelling Mastery (and, if it doesn’t, we need to talk about pricing and you need this programme!!! LOL).

Getting the messaging and storytelling piece right in my business changed everything. I want that for you too!

I can't wait to start showing you how.

Some words from those already inside Storytelling Mastery

Just a few years ago, I was struggling to get clients

Hey, I’m Susan and, if you’ve read my book you’ll know that, just a few years ago, I was struggling to get a new business off the ground. I was doing a lot of things wrong. I didn’t truly understand the value of what I was offering; I didn’t know what was different about me, or why people should choose me over others offering the same thing.

And if I didn’t know …

So, I went back to basics to get some key foundational pieces in place. I got clear on the work that lights me up and the people I love working with. I looked at where my story aligned with my ideal clients. I worked on my messaging. And, I started telling stories. Lots and lots of stories.

And then ... everything changed!

Now I demystify the 'art of storytelling' for business owners, and help them craft clear messages and compelling stories that launch products, build brands and create faving fans.

Got questions I haven’t answered?

No problem.

Simply drop me an email to and I’ll come straight back to you. Or schedule in a 15-minute call here for a quick chat.

Speak soon!

Don't lose customers to better storytellers

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