5-day challenge reveals how to captivate DREAM clients with compelling stories!

Say goodbye to wasting HOURS creating content that doesn’t bring you leads – and instead use my simple, step by step process to attract clients you LOVE working with.

The challenge starts on Monday 17th June 2024 - Registration closes in:

Join my 5-day challenge and ...

Discover the strategies I use to share stories that attract perfect-fit clients who are excited about working with you

Master how to make any story relatable to your audience so they deeply connect with it - and you

Learn how to link any story to what you do, in a way that feels aligned and congruent, and engages your ideal clients

Stop feeling 'icky' about selling and, instead, LOVE how easy, positive and natural I can help make it feel

Attract more of the people you love working with, in some cases as soon as you post your first story!

Based on the unique process outlined in my bestselling book The Business of Stories

Register for my 5-day challenge and you'll get exclusive access to:

Private Facebook group

Join a group full of business owners just like you, ready to make their marketing easier, more effective and WAY more enjoyable!

Daily tasks and Q&A

Watch a short video, spend less than 30 minutes on your daily task and join a live Q&A each evening to get your questions answered

Work sheets and prompts

Download each day's worksheet and get guidance, prompts and examples to help you start sharing stories like a pro

Taking part in this 5 day challenge will take just 20-30 minutes a day. You will watch a short 5-minute video and then complete a simple daily task, which builds on the one before.

Tasks include choosing a story to share, making it relevant and relatable for your ideal client and linking it to what you do. All of which will be explained in the short video and accompanying worksheet. You can also ask your questions inside the Facebook group and there is a live each evening if you want to join that or catch the replay. You will then have my 5-step process to use over and over again in all your story-based content.

Hi, I'm Susan and I'm excited that you're here!

Since 2016 I’ve been helping frustrated business owners transform the way they talk about what they do, use storytelling in their marketing and attract clients who are a perfect fit!

And here’s what I’ve found …

The more you get this piece of the puzzle right (it really is the MISSING piece in so many people’s marketing efforts) the more you will have clients showing up, already knowing they want to work with you!

It’s sooo powerful!

And it doesn’t have to be complicated!

In fact, thousands of people have used my simple framework to harness the power of storytelling in their marketing, to demonstrate their value, stand out in their industry and grow their business.

So, even if you don’t think you have a great story …

Or your attempts at storytelling have fallen flat in the past …

My unique process will get you thinking differently about the stories you have, how you share them, what they can do for your business and what might be holding you back!

Plus I'll be in the group every day, helping you along the way and making sure you get the most out of taking part

Don't lose customers to better storytellers

5-day challenge

Please enter your details below and wait for the next page to load, where you’ll get access to the private Facebook group for the challenge.

5-day challenge

Please enter your details below and wait for the next page to load, where you’ll get access to the private Facebook group for the challenge.